BT20 Exercise Bike

The Fitco BT20 is an excellent exercise bike intended for home use. This exercise bike has a pleasant way of training and is very quiet. BT20 has a 5 kg flywheel, which ensures a pleasant way of training. The exercise bike has a U-shaped handlebar, which contributes to a comfortable position during training. In addition, both the saddle and handlebars are adjustable, so that people up to a body length of 180 centimeters can use this exercise bike! Thanks to the built-in tablet holder, you can enjoy music, movies or series while training!


In order to achieve a good training, the exercise bike must of course be strong and stable enough. The BT20 has a robust steel construction and high-quality bearings. Thanks to this sturdy construction it is possible to train up to a body weight of 125 kg. This already indicates that the exercise bike is stable and strong enough to use it at home. It weighs a total of 21 kg.

This exercise bike is also equipped with transport wheels. These wheels make it easy to move the BT20. Thanks to the clear and easy-to-use display, it is possible to read all your training data. The BT20 is powered by a V-belt, making it noiseless in use. For people who want to train easily with an electronically adjustable resistance system with pre-programmed training programs, this BT20 exercise bike is highly recommended.


The resistance of the BT20 is easy to set yourself via the manual program. In addition, the BT20 also has a number of pre-programmed programs, in which the resistance is automatically increased or decreased. This exercise bike has 16 different resistance levels, increasing in severity, so that there will be a level for everyone that creates a real challenge.


The BT20 has 4 user profiles, with these user profiles the data is remembered. With the BT20 you can train in different ways. First of all, there is the option to train quickly, here you don’t set anything and you start training immediately. The time, speed and other data will just start to add up. It is also possible with this manual program to set a training target. For example, you can enter the time you want to train or the distance you want to cycle in advance.

In addition, the Fitco BT20 is equipped with several training programs. These training programs are divided into the previously mentioned manual program, various diet programs, a sports program and health programs. The exercise bike is also equipped with heart rate programs. Thanks to the built-in heart rate sensors, it is possible to train with a heart rate control program. You train from your heart rate. If you go out of the set heart rate zone, the resistance on the exercise bike will be increased or decreased depending on your current heart rate. This training method is ideal for fat burning and endurance training. If you want to train more accurately on heart rate, a more expensive exercise bike is recommended that can be connected with a chest strap.


The LCD display of the BT20 is very easy to operate. The display has a variety of exercise programs for you to choose from. The display has a clear layout and an LCD display that displays the key training parameters.

The heart rate is measured using the hand sensors, which are included with the exercise bike. When you grip the exercise bike at the location of the sensors during use, you can read (an indication of) your heart rate on the display.


The BT20 is a great exercise bike for home use for an attractive price! It can be set to 16 different resistance levels and has multiple training methods. The exercise bike is very stable, contains a 5 kg flywheel and is completely silent. This will contribute to fine, comfortable workouts. Featuring an easy-to-use display and integrated tablet holder, the BT20 is excellent for athletes who want to train at home. It is the first model in the Fitco exercise bike series.

  • Flywheel weight: 5kg
  • Resistance levels: 16
  • Length: 81.5cm
  • Width: 40.5cm
  • Height: 123.5cm
  • Weight: 21.4kg
  • Power: Mains
  • Maximum user weight: 120kg
  • Suitable for user heigh: Under 180cm

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