Balance Pad

Durable, Lightweight, Perfect cushioning & Environmental friendly

High-grade environmental-friendly EVA foam material forms a reliable pad for your usage. The lightweight foam exercise pad can be used as an excellent cushion for fitness, therapeutic purposes and other usages such as standing/seating pad for working and relaxing

Diamond knurl texture for Slip resistant, Water resistant & Easy to clean

Balance pad with closed-cell foam design composes a non-slip texture preventing you from slipping or sliding especially in intense workouts which release lots of sweat. Water-resistant surface allows an effective workout, then quick and easy cleaning if it gets dirty. Simply clean it with soapy water, then rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry with cloth

Balance and Strength training

Your daily physical training sessions can now be advanced to another level with this useful foam pad for balance exercises. You will need to remain balanced at all time on this pad, which adds extra challenges to the entire body requiring sufficient coordination of core and muscle groups

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation tool

Does not only serve as a fitness equipment, this balance foam pad is also a practical and critical tool aiding in physical therapy and rehabilitation process. Regular training with the pad can significantly improve balance, movability and coordination. The ideal softness and thickness of EVA foam pad make it suitable for youths, adults and seniors

Size: 50x40cm

Material: EVA


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