Ab Wheel Deluxe

Shape your abs:

Looking for that extra push? Ready to crush your goal? Buy today so you don’t miss out on any of your core workouts! The Ab Wheel Deluxe is designed to help you build your core’s strength by tightening your abdominal muscles with every back and forth movement. What we love most about the Ab Wheel Deluxe is that the compact size allows you to travel with it or easily move your workout scene to any room in your house.This exercise equipment allows you to shape your abs at your own pace.

When used properly, the wheel can also help strengthen shoulder, arms, and pectoral muscles with the same back and forth movements.


The Ab Wheel Deluxe is made of non-slip material, which is the same quality as an ab roller wheel that you would find in a gym.

The non-slip material helps stabilize every movement and the best part is that it works great on different floor types.

The handles have foam which give extra comfort and allows you to grip tightly without any pain or discomfort to your hands.

Made with a strong stainless steel rod, your home core workouts will be a success! The stainless steel rod can hold up to 330 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about the rod bending when performing your workouts.


Comfort is extremely important, especially when you are working out which is why we have included a thick foam mat to kneel. The foam mat is thick enough to keep your knees pain-free and also provides support to your knees, helping you to concentrate on your core when performing the back and forth movements.

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